Case Study: Complete Brand Development

The Early Days

While working with a friend, a stuntman and motorcycle racer, on the design and marketing of the Red Bull Day in the Dirt Motocross Grand Prix, we started talking about a site that honors the history of motocross, its' roots in Southern California and its' connections to the Hollywood Film and Stunt community. The original site visually told this story thru photos and rare footage. It called Elrod Racing (long story on that name).

We started making t-shirts and hats for history fans. But we soon realized we had a very old demographic, and were sitting on a lot of small and medium inventory (our customers had grown in girth over the years).

Reinventing the Brand

We wanted the company to be something more than a vintage T-shirt company . We dreamed of a destination where people could ride up on their bikes, grab a beer, and hang out. We then started calling our site Elrod's Fasthouse. The name came to me while searching through House Industries' Font collection. They created some very hip fonts with names like Crackhouse, Outhouse and Firehouse, but they didn't have a Fasthouse.

Around 2010 we decided to drop the 'Elrod', and go all in with Fasthouse and create a lifestyle brand that would disrupt the motocross industry by focusing on the true lifestyle of riding dirt bikes. We started targeting younger riders with our content and product designs, and moved the old site into a 'History' section.  Today, thanks to some backers, there is a small crew and retail destination. It's on the way up!